Rush Fighting Championship

What a weekend … I need a week off !!! I am very proud of Kev, he did amazing to travel overseas, take on the local town hero in his home town and take the fight to him in every moment of the fight was a very proud moment for me.

Thank you to my wife Marie for getting up early to take and picking us up from the airport.

Thanks to the Paul and all the Rush MMA lads for the fight, putting us up and looking after us. Massive thanks to James Cowzer for carting us about, lovely guy had me and Kev in stitches.

All the Irish fans and Rush guys made Kev and I feel very welcome, the atmosphere at the event was brilliant and the Ale was amazing.

As I have mention before I think Kev won the fight, but you can make your own mind up:-


One thing I hope Fulinkazan to become is a place where we can inspire people, this can be done in many ways and not just limited to kicking butt.

One thing that inspired my wife Marie and I was the help we received from our students when we moved out gym last year. So many people gave up there time to help us,  our oldest friends, our newest students, family and people who we have not see for some time.

When we had completed the move and started teaching from our new gym, Marie and talked about the process and how wonderful it has been to receive so much help but we was not sure how to thank those people … this is when we came up with the idea of the FU TRIBE t-shirt.

The FU TRIBE is more than at shirt, it is a recognition to a contribution to help Fulinkazan success. The t-shirt is not for sale you have to earn it!

… do you want to join the Tribe? Well … how can you help the team? In the past TRIBE’s have had hunters, gathers, cooks, builders.

Nowadays our TRIBE has different needs, trades people, software engineers, sponsors …what can you do to help the TRIBE?

As mentioned before we want to be a place to inspire, to support one another and we can only do this if our TRIBE pulls together.

 We really appreciate our Tribe members … you guys are amazing

New Classes for 2014

We have some new classes to add to our time table for the new year

Starting Thursday 09/01/2014

19:30 to 20:30 – Kickboxing

Starting Saturday 18/01/14

09:00 – 10:00 – Bootcamp

10:00 – 11:00 – Kettlebell Club

11:00 – 12:00 – CSW (Combat Submission Wrestling)

Kettlebell Club  

Kettlebells are a fantastic tool for fitness training they are a bowling ball shaped weight with a handle and has been a staple of building strength in Eastern Europe for many years. Kettlebells is a functional exercise tool which works the whole body engaging multiple muscle groups at once, enabling a person to get a whole body workout in a short space of time. In this session we focus on the technique of Kettlebells with a work out at the end of each session.


Our Bootcamp Class is a great way to get fit and lose weight, using our amazing facilities we want to help you meet your fitness or weight loss goals! We use a combination of boxing, Cardio, body weight exercises and weights to burn those excess pounds.

Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) 

Combat Submission Wrestling is where BJJ and Catch-Wrestling meets to form an amazing grappling art, created by world famous fighter and coach Erik Paulson. Coach Paulson has trained so of the world best MMA fighting including, Brock Lesner, Sean Sherk, Josh Barrnet, Michael Bispin to name a few, this class will cover all no-gi grappling bases and a grading system is also available.

Also keep an eye out on for extra classes and courses coming up.

Fulinkazan XMAS opening times

Fulinkazan XMAS opening times

23rd Mon – Boxing @ 6 :: MMA @ 7 :: Closed at 8

24th Tue – Closed

25th Wed – Closed

26th Thu – Closed

27th Fri – MMA @ 6 :: Kali @ 7:30

28th Sat – JKD @ 12 :: Open Mat @ 1 :: Kickboxing @ 2

30th Mon – Boxing @ 6 :: MMA @ 7 :: Closed at 8

31st Tue – Closed

1st Wed – Closed

2nd Thu – BJJ @ 6

3rd Fri – MMA @ 6 :: Kali @ 7:30

4th Sat – JKD @ 12 :: Open Mat @ 1 :: Kickboxing @ 2

Through the winter period if there is bad weather please make sure you check the website, Facebook and Twitter for Gym closure due to bad weather.

If we don’t see you through the Christmas Period we hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Spenna and Marie

Fulinkazan Presentation Night – 8th December

Hi Guys,

Don’t Forget it is the Fulinkazan Presentation night on the 8th of December which will be a Chinese Buffet at “BC” Buffet and Laser Zone.

There will be Prizes and awards on the night, every wanting to come will need to give Spenna or Marie £21 per person before the 29th November!

It has been a great year so we hope you come and celebrate it with us.


Spenna and Marie